Five-Year Anniversary

5Y3A3371The only thing bad about our five-year anniversary is that I’m afraid it can’t be topped.

Our morning included omelets right on the beach for breakfast. We then spent the day swimming in the ocean and relaxing poolside. Any day I can read a book and drink iced coffee is a great day. Having John next to me doing the same thing was a beautiful sight.

As for our evening, we decided on a specialty seafood and steak restaurant along Waikiki Beach. My mouth waters just thinking about the macadamia nut mahi mahi. Our tour guide earlier that week said, “Mahi mahi: fish so good, they named it twice.”

After dinner we grabbed dessert, Pineapple Whip, at a local shop and then headed to the beach to take our seats for their Friday night firework show. It was unreal to watch a Hawaiian sunset and fireworks at the same time.

As for these fun photos, they are our anniversary gift to ourselves. We hired a professional photographer for a one-hour sunset session one of the evenings because we really wanted some great photos from our trip. If anything made it feel like our anniversary it was having someone take photos of us like they did on our wedding. It was really fun! These are souvenirs I’ll cherish, and they’ll make great additions to our travel wall.



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