Red Shoe Race Registration

Three registrations are submitted for the Red Shoe Run at the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City.

This will be my first road race of 2018, and I plan to push Elijah in the jogging stroller for the 5k. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to sit after he runs the 100-meter kids’ race prior.

If you’re looking for a way to give back this season, consider joining us. Even though the race was accidentally five miles last year, the weather was incredible. I’m looking forward to another spring morning jog with my family while celebrating the ability to give back to RMHC.

Now if only we could get some spring weather to run in during the upcoming weeks, we’d be set. A “heavy” snowstorm is predicted Friday and Saturday, and I’m nervous we will be stuck with a lot of extra food if family members can’t make Elijah’s birthday party. Let’s hope the meteorologists are wrong.

St. Patrick’s Day 2018

I’ve been to Ireland a number of times and dare I say I tasted the best Irish coffee in Iowa? John, Elijah, and I started our St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Brewhemia in downtown Cedar Rapids. Tasting an Irish coffee from a shop that brews their own beans set a new standard.

I stand by the statement that Guinness will always taste better in Ireland.

Thankfully the sun came out and we enjoyed walking around the Newbo area following our caffeine fix. People were all over and the bars and brewery were packed.

After ordering a stout from Newbo Beer and Wine, we found a place to enjoy some treats and watch the Irish dancers. Elijah doesn’t wait for an invitation when it comes to dancing, so he entertained himself.

I’m thankful St. Patrick’s Day fell on a weekend this year and we were able to celebrate as a family. Elijah now thinks we should all wear green every single day.

Spring Break

Spring break has been just what I needed and there is still St. Patrick’s Day weekend right around the corner.

  • Weekend Away in Des Moines
  • Knocking things off of my to-do list
  • 60-min Massage
  • Ice Cream and Donut Dates with Elijah
  • An outdoor run in 55 degrees (to help balance out the ice cream and donuts…)
  • Family pictures
  • Library time with Elijah

It’s amazing what a person can accomplish with a few days off. Deep cleaning my house while listening to an audiobook made me feel extra productive.

We have a babysitter scheduled tonight so John and I can participate in Cedar Rapids Resturant Week. We dined at Cobble Hill a few years ago during this designated week, but I think we’re headed back to the Pig and Porter tonight. CR Restaurant Week goes through March 25th, so check out the participating restaurants and their special menus. Whether you get a spring break or not, these specials make it hard to pass up a night out.

A Delayed Christmas Gift

Our weekend away was a belated Christmas gift to my parents. Instead of buying them a present to put under the tree, my siblings and I blocked off a weekend on our calendars to get everyone together in the same place as our “gift”. (We did this two years ago in Coralville, and just check out those photo of me pregnant and snuggling Colin in this post.)

Upon John’s recommendation, we booked rooms at Hotel Renvovo in Urbandale. John has stayed here a few times for work in the last six months and had nothing but praise for the unique, urban farm inspired design of the hotel. If you’re a Chip and Joanna fan, you should stay at this hotel. The decor fits the area because it’s located right next to The Machine Shed and Living History Farms.

While I was worried about a snowstorm hitting the weekend of our preplanned vacation, I didn’t think about illness. Unfortunately Tony and Ashley’s family had to sit the weekend out due to the flu. They were definitely missed. Is it spring yet?!

Even though our pool time took place indoors this spring break, I just needed to get out of town to reset. Mission accomplished and I’m in a better place mentally than I was three days ago. I’m praising God for spring break and so sorry for anyone in education who doesn’t have this luxury. I know I’ll go back to school next week a better and more patient teacher.

Virtual Health Care

There are two types of people, those who rush off to the doctor the second they feel a sneeze coming on and me.

I wish I was a little more like the first type.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a terrible cold but felt like I was on the mend. I spoke too soon. My cold turned into a sinus infection, and it ended up causing me terrible tooth and gum pain. Who knew?

I finally decided I couldn’t kick this thing on my own and told John I would go to Urgent Care the next day. He asked if I wanted to try UnityPoint’s fairly new virtual care system.

It was 10 p.m., but we created an account, entered our insurance info, and waited to be seen by the physician.

The doctor talked to me through video, asked me my symptoms, prescribed me an antibiotic, and we logged off. It was that easy.

I’m only kicking myself I didn’t log on about 10 days ago.

Thank you, UnityPoint for giving me fewer excuses not to see a physician.

I’m Still Here

I had fun weekend plans that included celebrating my friend Raechel’s upcoming wedding, but I had to cancel at the last minute because I developed a terrible cold. Our family has been so lucky all winter to avoid the crud that is going around, so I suppose it was just my turn. I was so, so sad to miss the fun.

After spending a majority of the weekend on the couch and letting Elijah watch way too much Netflix, I’m feeling much better.

Spring can’t come soon enough.

With spring comes spring break.

This glorious end to the third academic quarter is two weeks away, and lots of little plans are going to make the week just what I need. In addition to a short getaway with my extended family, I’m adding a trip to Just Dough with Elijah to my list. Just Dough recently launched in Coralville, Cedar Falls, and West Des Moines. It is sold by the owners of Scratch Cupcakes and offers edible cookie dough by the cone or cup. Is your mouth watering? We also have family pictures scheduled in combination with Elijah’s two-year-old photo shoot. Yes, two-year-old. Where did the time go?! Party plans continue for a fun celebration of our favorite little man.

If you get a spring break, what are your plans?

I hope everyone reading this is staying healthy!

Little Valentine

Thank you for making my heart overflow, Elijah!

Elijah missed his school’s Valentine’s Day party due to our Arizona trip, but the teachers were sweet enough to set aside an entire bag of goodies for him. We sent one of Elijah’s favorites, yogurt covered raisins.

Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not, you can’t help but love Elijah’s giggly grin.

Scottsdale Valentine’s Date

John and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early with dinner at Hand Cut.

While the dinner and drinks were great, the dessert. Oh. My. Gosh. The dessert.

Salted Caramel Butter Cake with slow roasted peaches and vanilla ice cream.

John and I both declared it the best dessert we’ve ever had. 

We’ve celebrated 16 Valentine’s Days together, but celebrating in Scottsdale was a first. It’s safe to say they just keep getting sweeter.

“Outside!” “Outside!”

I promised Elijah the 3+ hour plane ride would be worth it because we could play outside as soon as we arrived in Arizona.

He stood on John’s lap and chanted “Outside!” “Outside!” as soon as we landed. He made a lot of friends with fellow passengers who were feeling the same way.

Soaking up the weather and spending time with my parents were our entire agenda.

Thankfully my parent’s place had yard space (hello, green grass!) with plenty of ducks for Elijah to watch and chase

Pool time, walks, shopping, climbing Camelback, and iced coffee allowed us to fit a lot into four days.

It’s honestly unbelievable what a few days in the sunshine can do for a person’s mental and physical health.

Thanks to my parents for giving us a reason to escape the snow.

It’s hard to believe

these two photos were taken less than 24 hours apart.

One plane ride can make a big difference.

We’re praising God for the escape from the snow (and thanking my parents for the invitation)!

The toughest part of our time away is getting Elijah to come inside. (And how do you get a toddler to nap when it’s gorgeous outside?) I get it, buddy. No coat weather rocks!

“Outside!” “Outside!”