Attached To These Characters

Parenthood was popular for five years before I saw an episode. After so many people were tweeting during the final season, I knew I was missing something. Since the first five seasons are on Netflix, I decided to give it a chance. You should, too!

It will draw you in through real life family situations. You will become attached to every single character, and then it will take over your emotions. The Bravermans really are the best family on television.

If you’re familiar with the show, try taking this character quiz. John and my responses were almost too spot on.

Which Parenthood Character Are You? Quiz.

I got:

Julia: You’re very Type-A. You’re hard working, driven, and you probably deal with your feelings by cleaning the house. You know what you like and don’t like, but every once in a while you to let your hair down. You care so much about your relationships and no matter what life throws at you, you refuse to ever give up.

Lately I’ve Been

Lately I’ve been…

Feeling like time needs to slow down. I knew this month would go by quickly, but I can’t seem to catch up on anything. My saving grace is that summer is four work days away.

Making progress on the school yearbook. Since many of the events can’t be covered until May, half of the book is completed in the last month. We should finish this project mid June.

Wanting time outside. I want to plant flowers, read books on the porch, and enjoy dinner dates on the deck. Limited time and cold weather has put these desires on hold.

Eating lots of fish. Tilapia and salmon have been staples the last few weeks. I haven’t gone running since the half marathon, so eating healthy helps me feel less guilty. Add some pineapple or tomatoes to these seafood dishes and at least it tastes like summer.

Loving my husband. This is all the time, but he’s extra understanding in August and May when I start and end the school year. Thanks for not making me feel guilty when all of my energy goes to my profession.

Reading: More Than This by Patrick Ness. It has taken me most of the month since it’s almost 500 pages, but it is really good! Patrick Ness also wrote A Monster Calls, which I enjoyed for its story and illustrations. 

Bookmarking Summer clothing on some of my favorite shopping sites. I’m after a fun, packable dress to wear in Hawaii as well as an oversized floppy hat for the beach.

Needing a day at home. I have some home improvement jobs I want to complete, but I need a chunk of time. Summer will be productive.

Wearing sandals. Even though it’s borderline cold out, I love sandal season! Continue the theme of needing more time here, because I just need to find time for a pedicure.

What are you feeling, making, wanting, eating, loving, reading, bookmarking, needing, or wearing?

Thanks for this blog topic, Peanut Butter Fingers. I don’t like peanut butter, but I love her blog!

Podcast Recommendation

Fr. MikeFr. Mike Schmitz is a chaplain at Newman Catholic Campus at the University of Minnesota. His homilies are made into podcasts that will teach you, lift you, and inspire you.

Before you blow off this recommendation, hear me out. This priest is an incredible speaker! His messages are aimed at young people because he is typically preaching to college students. I’ve taken something away from each of the podcasts I’ve listened to, and I have many more to get through. He has 282 uploaded as of today. Go for a walk and listen to one. Play one while you fold laundry. Listen while you drive. Just please try one! They are all free, and I know you’ll go back for more!

If downloading a podcast is confusing, here is the link to his online resources. You can play the podcasts directly from the web, if you’d rather. LINK

I plan to listen to these throughout the summer. Working at a Catholic school requires me to stop and pray eight times a day. There is no prayer bell in my summer routine, but I want to incorporate these podcasts to strengthen my faith and increase my scripture knowledge. Join me!

Wedding Season Continues

Jana and Ryan dodged the storms and ended up having a beautiful day for a wedding. A late afternoon ceremony allowed me a little time after the race to recover before jumping in the car and heading to Rock Island, Illinois.

Cherry beers at a brewery with Katie and Bob between the ceremony and the reception were a highlight of the weekend. It’s beginning to feel like summer, and I’m anxious for more.

Thankfully there are plans on the calendar to see Katie again before her little boy arrives at the end of July.




Another 13.1

IMG_0928Another half marathon is behind me. It wasn’t my fastest, but I felt good throughout the entire race. Finishing under two hours and still having the energy to slip on heels for a friend’s wedding in Illinois the rest of the night was a measure of my success.

As for the 13.1 miles, I ran the first five miles with a current student. This was a great distraction from the beginning of the race and all of the nerves that usually exist. Since we talked for the first five miles, I didn’t listen to any music. I IMG_0929can’t remember the last time I ran without music! After mile five, she needed to slow down. I went ahead of her, plugged into my iTunes, and just let my legs carry me. The weather was incredibly humid, so I took Gatorade at every station just to be safe (Memories from Notre Dame’s 90 degree marathon came flooding back). No regrets there, although starting and stopping is tough on anyone.

If you’re looking for a well organized race with plenty of volunteers and water/Gatorade stations, this one is great! It’s hard to be beat sleeping in your own bed the night before a race.

…The Faster I’m Done.

1f7ec47721f3eaa2f1590d6fda9f60f9The Arts Festival Half Marathon is this Saturday, and I am beyond ready. That’s not because I’ve put in the necessary miles but because I’m ready for it to be over. Rain or shine, I’m ready to put this race behind me because my heart just hasn’t been in it. My motto Saturday will be: The faster I run, the faster I’m done.

I’m looking forward to an unplanned Saturday where I can go from my bed to my front porch only stopping for a book and a cup of coffee. I’m longing for relaxation mode instead of racking up miles in order to make it 13.1 this weekend.

Here’s to tonight’s last run before Saturday! The hay is in the barn!

Casey’s Baby Shower

IMG_0896Celebrating another baby in the family made for a great Mother’s Day weekend. Casey’s baby shower took place at the top of Eagle Point Park in Dubuque, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day! Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate, Casey. I can’t wait to meet your baby girl.