Great Jones County Fair

We almost didn’t use our concert tickets Friday night because of the storm warnings and tornado watch.

Even after our babysitter arrived, we nervously watched the news trying to decide if we wanted to stand in the rain/mud and take the chance on the storm warnings. (I’ve been poured on at the Jones County Fair before!) It was pouring outside, and we just decided we’d take our chances. Although the temperature dropped a good twenty degrees on our drive, the dark clouds kept moving around the fair. It was unreal, and a great night was had by all!

I joked with John that someone on the fair board cashed in a lot of prayers because Monticello stayed dry until after the final show and the fireworks were done.

Big and Rich opened for Thomas Rhett, and both put on awesome shows. Thomas Rhett sold out the show, and fans were not disappointed. I knew more of his music than I realized, and I’m adding a few of his new songs to my running playlists ASAP. “Party Like We’re On Vacation…”