Mother’s Day

My early morning wake-up request was for a cup of coffee, but that’s only because I didn’t expect Elijah to crawl in bed with me after his breakfast. He snuggled right in and we both went back to sleep for over an hour. Mother’s Day gift complete!

John went above and beyond to make sure I knew I was appreciated. While his showering of gifts was certainly generous, I just enjoyed being asked what I wanted to do all day. My request was for a garden omelet from Riley’s Cafe with my two favorite people after church. Added to the incredible 80 degree weather, it was a perfect Mother’s Day.

To all my mom friends and mom role models out there, I hope your day was exactly what you needed. Thanks for all the mom advice you’ve given me over the last year. I’ve mastered just one thing, love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Attending church today made me smile because it was obvious that most women want to attend Mass with their family on such an important day. The pews were more full than they have been in months. God also provided a gorgeous day of 75 degree weather and plenty of sunshine to honor these women.

Many of my friends became mothers this year, and I hope their day is extra special. Blessings to all of you!

Thanks for the gift suggestions for my mom. I ended up purchasing her a manicure-pedicure gift card. It’s perfect for sandal season and for a little pampering.

I need suggestions, please!

Since many of my readers are mothers, (yes, my own mom reads my blog, too), I need some advice on Mother’s Day gifts. I like to put a lot of thought into gifts. I want the person to know I picked out their gift with them specifically in mind. I know Mother’s Day is not far away, but I always have a hard time buying for my mom. (I drew her name for Christmas and used up all my brilliant ideas!) Don’t think this is an easy way out. I’ve been out and about searching for the perfect gift. I decided on a book and then realized she probably had all the ones I was picking out. I didn’t want to go with the typical Bath and Body Works style gift since I’m pretty sure I went that approach last year. And…plants and flowers are great, but as a Master Gardener, she practically grows a greenhouse in and out of her home. I know most of you will suggest just spending time with her, but I don’t want to go empty handed.

What has been your favorite Mother’s Day gift from your husband or children?

And to a handful of my readers who became moms this year, leave this page open for your husbands to get some ideas. 😉