Throwback Concert

I sent the Twitter announcement that Bone Thugs N Harmony was coming to Cedar Rapids to John mostly as a joke. The next thing I knew, tickets were purchased. We had already seen the opener, Coolio, during the I Love the 90s Concert last year. Naughty by Nature followed Coolio last night before the main event.

I knew fewer and fewer songs as the night went on, but I had a blast. There is just something so perfect about an outdoor concert in the summer. I’m starting to think just like it’s not officially Fall until we see the Irish play in South Bend, it’s not really summertime until John and I experience outdoor live music.

Great Jones County Fair

We almost didn’t use our concert tickets Friday night because of the storm warnings and tornado watch.

Even after our babysitter arrived, we nervously watched the news trying to decide if we wanted to stand in the rain/mud and take the chance on the storm warnings. (I’ve been poured on at the Jones County Fair before!) It was pouring outside, and we just decided we’d take our chances. Although the temperature dropped a good twenty degrees on our drive, the dark clouds kept moving around the fair. It was unreal, and a great night was had by all!

I joked with John that someone on the fair board cashed in a lot of prayers because Monticello stayed dry until after the final show and the fireworks were done.

Big and Rich opened for Thomas Rhett, and both put on awesome shows. Thomas Rhett sold out the show, and fans were not disappointed. I knew more of his music than I realized, and I’m adding a few of his new songs to my running playlists ASAP. “Party Like We’re On Vacation…”

I Love the 90s Tour

img_5374When I told John about an upcoming I Love the 90s Tour and mention who was all playing, his response was “All in the same place?!”

Yep, “I swear!”

Buying tickets was a definite because “You know you make me wanna shoop!”

“This is how we do it.” Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Pepe, Coolio, All-4-One, Tone Loc, and Young MC were all part of Friday night’s entertainment.

“You can’t have the hop if you don’t have the hip!”

Thanks to Tracie and Jason for the double date night and braving the winter storm to travel back in time and “Bust a Move”.

“Word to your mother.”

“I’ll see you when you get there” because I’ll be “Working all week. 9-5 for my money.”

Aruba, Jamaica, oooh

Who knew partying with the Beach Boys could be such a blast?! I’m still recovering!

I saw the Beach Boys at a county fair back in high school, but when you add all you can eat and drink to that entertainment, watch out! VIP tickets include a meal catered by the local meat locker, endless beverages during the pre-show and concert, and floor seats. Shout-out to my dad for the awesome seats! “Beer girls” walk around the concert with buckets full of cold beers so you’re never empty handed. Let’s just say they were mighty good at their job!

The remainder of the night was spent in the outdoor beer tent catching up with high school classmates and friends. Another band played until bar close, and we left just early enough to hit a fair vendor on the way out for some fair food favorites!

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Toby Keith Concert

Representing the hospital that John works at, we handed out free earplugs for last night’s concert. I laughed at this idea until John came home on Thursday night after handing out 500 earplugs before the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. I was happy to support both the hospital and people’s hearing while taking in the Toby Keith concert with John and two of his co-workers. We had a blast! Remember when we attended Lady Antebellum last year in the pouring rain?

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