Elijah: God’s Miracle Man

Remember this post about naming Elijah?

These photos are so special to me. For awhile we had this book propped up on Elijah’s nightstand where it could be displayed but he wouldn’t rip the pages. Since it was set away from his other books, he often asked for it. I always let him look at it, and finally just let him carry it around the house and add it to his other books. After all, it’s meant to be read, studied, shared.

Without prompting from us, Elijah looks through this book. It always catches me off guard because it’s not flashy like his other favorite books about animals or trucks. It also has a lot of words for a kid’s book.

I finally snapped some photos of Elijah reading this special book. It’s so sweet to see tiny hands flip pages of a book.

Someday he’ll understand when I explain how his dad and I prayed while reading this book on Easter Sunday 2016. Many tears have touched the pages of that book.

God takes care of us, Elijah. He took care of you then and he takes care of you now.

“Elijah loved and served God. Everywhere he went, God used him to perform amazing miracles…”