Lately I’ve been…

Listening to In The Dark, a true crime investigative podcast. “For nearly 27 years, the case went unsolved, no body, no abductor. Until now.”

Planning editor positions for next year. I’ve been losing sleep about these decisions because the pressure (and disappointment) from students and parents keeps my inbox full for the month of May. It’s difficult. Putting the most qualified people in the best position allows for both the newspaper and the yearbook to run smoothly.

Ordering Family photos on canvases to hang in our home. As much as I love Shutterfly for prints, the canvases are expensive. I ordered a cheap on from Walmart last summer ($29). Although I had to tape the corners on the back (you get what you pay for), it makes changing it out less of an investment.

Running the trails again. Spring has official arrived and the trails make me feel like I’ve escaped from the busyness of the day. Our family 5k for the Ronald McDonald House is two weeks away. I know I can easily run three miles, but the jogging stroller will give me a challenge.

Debating whether to send Elijah to daycare at all this summer. I’m torn between wanting all the time I can get with him and knowing I would give him better quality time if I had even a day a week to knock school stuff (yearbook deadlines) and basic around the house chores to accomplish while he enjoyed social interaction with his friends.  I can’t wait for so many new experiences this summer with Elijah, but I also need to make sure I return to school refreshed and ready in August. I’ll keep you posted on this decision.

Watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I read the book many years ago, and I don’t remember much, but the show is keeping my attention. Plot: A high school student commits suicide and leaves behind thirteen tapes explaining why she made the decision.

Reading Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. I love reading Matthew Kelly books in small chunks because it allows me to take his messages and apply them a little at a time. I’m enjoying this latest release from one of my favorite authors.

What are you listening to, planning, ordering, running, debating, watching, and/or reading?

Elijah: ONE YEAR

Twelve months and so many milestones.

Elijah walks to and from John and me and is sometimes brave enough to walk back and forth between pieces of furniture. He squeals as he takes the first few steps because he is so excited, and this oftentimes leads to him falling. It’s precious.

We have switched to whole milk without any fuss, and he continues to eat like a champion. This 22 pounder has an appetite. Basically he only screams and throws a fit when the food is gone or we stop putting blueberries on his tray. I joke that Elijah’s middle of the night screams (nightmares) are because his dreams include running out of blueberries.

Playtime is getting more and more fun, and I can’t say no when Elijah brings me a book and wants to read. Goodnight Gorilla and Dear Zoo remain the favorites, and he’ll search through his books until he finds one of them.

I’m thankful for some warmer temperatures, and Elijah is a rockstar in the jogging stroller. I’ve registered for one 5k in May, and I know I’ll be pushing my running buddy because he loves riding as much as I love running.

Each month I keep worrying that I’ll “miss this stage”, but they just keep getting better and better!

Elijah: Ten Months

Elijah made some major progress with food this month. Apparently puffs were the enemy. He eats graham crackers and pretty much anything I feed to him off of my plate. We also had success with a sippy cup. It was a month of growth in the kitchen!

The army crawl is gone, and Elijah picked up speed crawling on his knees. He loves taking off with his sit and stand walker, and it’s fun to have him follow us from room to room.

Elijah has no fear in the bathtub, and it’s making me excited to see him in a pool.

The month also included Elijah’s first plane ride and our first family vacation.


For my readers back in Iowa, I am here to report the sun still exists. 

Elijah was a rockstar on his first flights. He definitely earned the privledge to fly with us again! 

We are enjoying warmer temps and clear blue skies, in addition to my favorite trees- palm trees!

We’re excited for Matt and Meredith to arrive tomorrow for a weekend of exploring in the desert. 

Christmas Vacation


John surprised Elijah and me with the news that he was taking a week off for Christmas, too! We spent the time tackling a few things on our to-do list, but most of the time was spent playing with blocks and reading Christmas books to Elijah. There were a lot of naps on the couch in there, too!

The week included two half days of daycare just to give John and me some time for day dates downtown, and a chance for me to prep for next semester.

Break was perfect, as a family of three!


Now that John and I have a child, we’ve been talking more about traditions. Are there things we want to carry over from our own families for Elijah? Are there certain holiday traditions we want to begin as a family of three?

So far we’ve discusses Christmas traditions. We’ll continue to join my parents for Christmas Eve Mass as part of their family tradition. As far as gifts for Christmas are concerned, I like the idea of “something they want, something they need, something they wear, and something they read”. Don’t tell Elijah I’ve already purchased him a few books for under the tree. 

I also like the tradition of a Christmas ornament each year that begins to fill the tree. I’m searching for the perfect “First Christmas” ornament. 

While I am in no hurry to skip over Thanksgiving, I did order Elijah a personalized stocking. Six years later and Pottery Barn still makes the same ones John and I have with our names on them!

What are some traditions you’ve carried over to your own families? 

Flood 2016

crFor those of you who read my blog and do not live in Iowa, I’ll give you a glimpse into what is going on in our city. An evacuation for the downtown area occurred today, and waters will begin to reach flood stages through Tuesday. School was let out early on Friday so students and faculty could help fill sandbags and move furniture for local businesses and churches. School is closed for the next three days because roads are closed and people are displaced.

You can actually watch live coverage of the water rising through KCRG, local news source. 

It’s hard to wrap my head around the disaster coming our way, but the city is more prepared than they were in 2008. The amount of people downtown on Friday was unbelievable. Everywhere I went there were groups of people working or waiting for sand to arrive for them to begin working. There were actually sites that had to turn away volunteers because of overcrowding. What a wonderful problem!

Keep the city of CR in your prayers. The hurry and prep is over. Now we wait.

Lately I’ve Been…

Drinking lots of fall flavored coffee. I recently purchased Starbucks Pumpkin Kcups with flavor pods. I first heard of these flavor pods from my college housemate Lindsay, but I hadn’t seen any in our stores (she lives in Texas) until recently. I like black coffee with a flavor syrup better, but these are good change. They taste more like a latte.

Listening to Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom on audiobook through the app Overdrive. It’s a free app that links to your library and uses your library card information to give you instant downloads. This app is used by libraries around the country. Search the app to see if your library supports this resource. Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie? It reminds me of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow. I definitely recommend it.

Feeling excited about the upcoming weekend away with John. We’re off to South Bend to cheer on the Irish.

Worrying about my ITEC presentation. The start of the school year hasn’t left much time for extra projects. I need a weekend that includes a chunk of time to sit down and plan out how I want this presentation to look. It’s important to do a good job so the people in my session walk away feeling excited about some new tools they can use in their classrooms.

Cooking soups. We didn’t wait for the weather to cool down before we broke out the crockpot. So far we’ve had beef stew and chicken noodle soup. Next up, chili.

Watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. John and I have been on and off with this show for two years. It’s made by the same producers of Parenthood (the best!), and it’s perfect for football season. If you haven’t seen Parenthood on Netflix, make it your winter show. If you have and you loved it as much as we did, Friday Night Lights is next for you.

Reading It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. This YA book is getting great reviews from friends on I hope to finish it over the weekend. Hello, long car ride!

Buying Lou and Grey everything from Loft. Winter doesn’t scare me as much with their signaturesoft collection.

What are you drinking, listening, feeling, worrying, cooking, watching, reading, buying?

The Work Will Wait

This is my first year balancing work with a home life that includes a child. It has not been a tough transition, but it has required a mental shift.

I just keep coming back to this reminder.

“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you finish the work.”

I love seeing Elijah’s curiosity as he explores the world in front of him. The work will never end, but each stage in my son’s life will pass. I’m not letting myself miss any of them.