Elijah’s Summer Check-Up

At the end of last year’s summer check-up with Dr. Pitcher, he asked us to schedule an appointment for this summer just so he could see Elijah. Today was the day! Hugs all around!

Another healthy check-up and lots of smiles from everyone were included in today’s visit.

I mail cards and photos to Dr. Pitcher’s office a few times a year, and he said Elijah’s photo hangs beside his desk as his constant reminder of the Easter Miracle. While we certainly don’t need a reminder, photos with Dr. Pitcher go straight to the scrapbook. This man and his patients are forever in our prayers, and we pray God gives him the energy to keep helping babies and their families for many more years.

The Markket

A group of English teachers didn’t let the fact that The Markket is spelled “wrong” bother us once we were blown away by its beauty and charm.

The Markket in Edgewood, IA, a new destination to all of us, was just one stop during our day trip. This home decorating store opened a couple of months ago and displays gorgeous home furnishings, full kitchens, and stunning woodwork. The gray/blue kitchen cabinet model gave me some serious home envy. The store also features paint, decorations, rugs, curtains…etc. from the Joanna Gaines collection in Waco, Texas. If you watch Fixer Upper, this store is her style of modern meets rustic. Is that a style?

Another highlight of the trip was time outside at Franklin Street Brewery. Even though we work together every day during the school year, a lot of our conversations revolve around our students. Time away from school and out of town was a breath of fresh air. It put a limit on the “teacher talk” and allowed us to just catch up with each other as friends.

If you want to join us next year, let’s get a date on the calendar NOW. Summers fill up too fast. Destination TBD.

The last two years we’ve spent a summer day at the White Water Park and a couple of days soaking up Life at the Lodge.