Lately I’ve been…

Listening to In The Dark, a true crime investigative podcast. “For nearly 27 years, the case went unsolved, no body, no abductor. Until now.”

Planning editor positions for next year. I’ve been losing sleep about these decisions because the pressure (and disappointment) from students and parents keeps my inbox full for the month of May. It’s difficult. Putting the most qualified people in the best position allows for both the newspaper and the yearbook to run smoothly.

Ordering Family photos on canvases to hang in our home. As much as I love Shutterfly for prints, the canvases are expensive. I ordered a cheap on from Walmart last summer ($29). Although I had to tape the corners on the back (you get what you pay for), it makes changing it out less of an investment.

Running the trails again. Spring has official arrived and the trails make me feel like I’ve escaped from the busyness of the day. Our family 5k for the Ronald McDonald House is two weeks away. I know I can easily run three miles, but the jogging stroller will give me a challenge.

Debating whether to send Elijah to daycare at all this summer. I’m torn between wanting all the time I can get with him and knowing I would give him better quality time if I had even a day a week to knock school stuff (yearbook deadlines) and basic around the house chores to accomplish while he enjoyed social interaction with his friends.  I can’t wait for so many new experiences this summer with Elijah, but I also need to make sure I return to school refreshed and ready in August. I’ll keep you posted on this decision.

Watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I read the book many years ago, and I don’t remember much, but the show is keeping my attention. Plot: A high school student commits suicide and leaves behind thirteen tapes explaining why she made the decision.

Reading Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. I love reading Matthew Kelly books in small chunks because it allows me to take his messages and apply them a little at a time. I’m enjoying this latest release from one of my favorite authors.

What are you listening to, planning, ordering, running, debating, watching, and/or reading?


5 thoughts on “Lately I’ve been…

  1. Curious if any students are watching “13 Reason”? I remember we read the book, but do not remember the details. I’ve seen a couple former students post some things on FB about it and some counselors (that were guests on a podcast I listen to) had a blog about it. I wonder their perspective and how it can affect their judgment. As adults, we see the awful side of things- but is that what kids see? Even if they say it, do they truly see how awful it is- or do they see it as an option?

  2. Suggestion: I can watch little Elijah anytime. If you want me to even stay in your basement with him or go on a long walk. I can bring over my kids for a playdate. We won’t make a peep. 😀

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