NHSJC Seattle

NHSJC = National High School Journalism Conference

Sunshine greeted me when I arrived in Seattle yesterday afternoon. I even had time to explore downtown a little before the convention officially kicked off at 7 p.m.

The time change of two hours behind made this tough. Thankfully there is a Starbucks everywhere you look, so a venti Americano helped me through the adviser meeting, keynote, and adviser reception.

The time changed worked in my advantage this morning as I took in Pike Place Market while most people were still sleeping. Gorgeous flowers, fresh fish, and an endless supply of coffee keep this city running.

My sessions today included a lot of adviser collaboration. We talked about grading, meeting standards, and being able to retire without an ulcer. An adviser luncheon introduced me to adviser from all over the United States.

What I’ve learned so far- We’re doing a lot of things correctly in my school’s JLAB.


One thought on “NHSJC Seattle

  1. Such a cool place to have a work trip!! Glad you’re finding reassurance and more people to collaborate with and learn from!!

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