Happy Birthday, Elijah James!


Thank you for showing us your strength from day one. The scar across your stomach is fading, and I’m thankful you’ll never remember the pain from that first month.

I feared you’d never want to cuddle since you were restricted to a hospital bed instead of my arms for too long. You mended my broken heart by being the best cuddle-bug I know. We’ll never tell your dad how long I snuggle you before putting you in your crib on nights he’s not home.

You demonstrate more patience than I knew was possible in a baby. Whether you’re waiting for your bottle to heat or simply sitting in my lap while I take care of another task, you’re the most content little boy.

Your open mouth smile and squeals of excitement are my favorite things in the world. Thanks for your generosity in giving these out daily.

I love that your dad is your favorite because I know exactly how you feel about him. He truly is the best!

Your dad said, “Nothing people told us about parenting turned out to be true.” That’s because while people warned us of endless dirty diapers, sleepless nights, no more time for ourselves, and more expenses, they didn’t realize we’d see all of those aspects as blessings.

We cherish the moments we have with you, and we know God has big plans for you. Not a day goes by where we don’t give thanks for your life and the opportunity to raise you.

I pray you always know you are loved and you never feel alone.

Keep growing, sweet boy. Keep challenging us and teaching us.

We love you!


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