Wise Lenton Words

Matthew Kelly’s “Best Lent Ever” reflections have stopped me in my tracks more than once. Here are two quotes I paused the videos for while I searched for pen and paper to write down his wisdom:

“Multitasking is the great enemy of awareness.”

What?! I used to praise myself for being a multitasking queen. Checking two things off of my to-do list was always better than one. I was even working on something while I played this video, so I felt like Matthew Kelly was calling me out. Rightly so. This statement made me really think about being present in each moment. This is a huge challenge for my task-driven-self, but I’m working on it. Besides, I’ve read multiple articles that state “multitasking is a myth”.

“If you want convenience, you should stop trying to be a Christian right now.”

This statement brought me back to a blog topic just weeks ago. The motivational quote, “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it” applies to everything in life. If we’re willing to work hard for degrees, financial freedom, and physical fitness, why is our faith life any different? For me this means if I can make time to read novels and run multiple times a week, I can make time to study God’s word.


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