“Lifting the Ban”

If you’re Catholic and Irish, the Lenten “obligation of abstaining from eating meat” may be lifted in your archdiocese tomorrow. While people including my husband are thrilled with permission to consume meat on one of the Fridays during Lent, I think it’s criticizable (and I’m Irish and Catholic).

If you gave up alcohol for Lent does tomorrow count? What if it’s green beer? Guinness?

I’ve blogged about my struggle with this “sacrifice” before, and my stance remains. 

If giving up meat on Fridays during Lent is supposed to be a sacrifice, why would the “ban be lifted” for a celebration. What about other celebrations that fall on Fridays during Lent? Just because other celebrations don’t come with the traditional corned beef and cabbage doesn’t mean they don’t include meat on their menus. Christians are told standing up for the faith is not easy, so wouldn’t this be an opportunity to ask Catholics to face this challenge and commit to their Lenten sacrifice in one of the tougher times within the season?

I’m not judging anyone who eats meat tomorrow or any Friday during Lent. My assumption and hope is that you’re doing something even more meaningful to strengthen your relationship with God.


3 thoughts on ““Lifting the Ban”

  1. I was surprised the ban was lifted for St. Patrick’s day. I do think (especially for young ones) that Catholics need to quit pushing the “what are you giving up during Lent” agenda and focus on doing more for others like service. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

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