Favorite Children’s Books

Books were a part of Elijah’s life before he was even here to enjoy them.

I shared the exciting news to John that I was pregnant with Elijah by giving him children’s books about kids and their dads. These are now a part of Elijah’s bookshelf collection, and they make me smile knowing the meaning behind the gifts.

In addition, John’s coworkers surprised him with a book shower last winter. They loved explaining which book they picked and why. We love books, and I’m giddy Elijah will actually sit still and look at the pictures. My hope is that by including books in his life every single day, he’ll find joy in reading in the years to come.

At eleven months old, there are two books that keep Elijah’s attention: Goodnight Gorilla and Dear Zoo. Any other book and he’s squirming away, but these two hold his attention. This amazes me!

I try to buy books as gifts for nieces and nephews but always worry about giving duplicates. What are your favorite children’s books or what books are favorites in your house?


5 thoughts on “Favorite Children’s Books

  1. I loved the “How Does A Dinosaur…” series. Zach and I had fun reading those while he was little. You gave us a Nancy Tillman book before Zach was born, love everything from her. Dr Seuss, of course, now that Zach can sit through them and understands some humor. We have a book that is called “I Love You” or something like that, and it goes through various things- “your eyes sparkle like stars…”best hugs in the whole world… laugh is one of my favorite sounds” and I love doing actions with Morgan, she looks at me and points to her eyes, she really does give the best hugs, and I tickle her for the laugh. It’s fun! Morgan also likes our alphabet/counting books. We have a Goodnight Farm and a Goodnight Beach (good one for a vacation!) I really like Goodnight Farm, it takes you through the seasons on a farm and is fun to count or do animal sounds with. I’ve gotten Zach a set of chapter books (Magic Treehouse series) to read at night. I am not sure how focused he is on them yet, or if he just likes that I am next to him πŸ˜‰

    I really like to give my brother’s kids books because I feel like with four kids, they have every toy ever made! I am sending Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty (Morgan has this one and it’s a great story about perseverance and trying something is a success, not a failure), The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant, and Goodnight Beach to them for Easter (the last two are not-so-subtle hints for them to come visit!).

    Thank you, Elijah for the recommendations!! Keep ’em coming!!

  2. We love Dear Zoo! Pout Pout Fish, Little Blue Truck, Snuggle Puppy (really anything by Sandra Boynton) and if you haven’t yet – grandparents need to start recording books. Once Elijah can push the buttons he will love them so much.

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