Elijah: 11 Months

img_5961-1More milestones were met this month, and we were even able to spend time outside during a week-long February heatwave. It was fantastic!

The biggest milestone was that Elijah was moved to the one-year-old room at daycare. The person in charge of the daycare called me at school one day just to chat about Elijah and that he seemed bored in the infant room. She explained that she knew 10 months was early, but she was wondering if we’d be willing to explore the option of moving him. I was so thankful she recognized his boredom and also so grateful she called to talk about it. My hesitations of course included the fact that he didn’t eat table food very well and that he still takes a bottle twice while at daycare. She promised they would start him slowly on the prepared food and offer baby food if it didn’t go well. She also said they’d allow the bottles until we begin weaning him at one year. Elijah has only had one permanent week in his new room, but it’s going as good as we could expect. We’re happy!

Table food has improved drastically this month, and there is even one slimy food Elijah will pick up and eat- blueberries. His hands are stained purple, but he loves fresh blueberries. Puffs are no longer the enemy, and he absolutely loves cereal bars (blueberry, go figure).

We know Elijah will be walking soon, and we’re willing to bet it happens before he’s a year.

Finally, I have to share that I’m amazed a ten-month-old can take a wooden truck and drive it up and down the hallways, through the kitchen, and around the table over and over again. It amazes me he knows to do that with a truck. Those moments of independence always take me aback.

The next Elijah monthly update will be his one-year birthday. After how we spent the day of his birth, you better believe we are throwing a party this year!


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