Goals for the Year Ahead

While these aren’t exactly “resolutions”, they are ways to hold myself accountable in the upcoming year.

Goals for 2017 include:

  • Reading a daily devotional with John.
    • We started reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.
  • Running three road races.
    • I haven’t determined the distance of these road races yet, but maybe I’ll aim for a variety: 5k, 8k, and half marathon.
  • Traveling somewhere new.
    • Seattle is in the works for April, and a beach vacation is under research for this summer.
  • Reading 40 free reading books and introducing Elijah to story time at the local library.
  • Attending a professional journalism conference
    • JEA National Convention registration opens next week!
  • Continuing to live in the moment with Elijah and scheduling dates with John.
    • I’ve done a good job of this since going back to work, but it’s a constant balance battle. Making it a goal will continue to help me evaluate my efforts.

What plans are you holding yourself accountable for the upcoming year?


4 thoughts on “Goals for the Year Ahead

  1. If you pick a family vacation in southwest Florida, I can guarantee a roof over your heads (if you want it) and a pack n play and toys for Elijah 😉
    …just something to think about 🙂

  2. My one goal for 2017 is to spend one night a month having supper with just Tony…even if it’s only a supper at Subway 🙂

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