Elijah: Nine Months

img_5532Elijah turned nine months on Christmas. He is getting more active by the day, and we are loving a week off for break to chase after him as he army crawls around the house. He now pulls himself up on furniture and surprised me a couple of weeks ago when he was standing in his crib when I went to go get him.

He is a great eater, but still refuses anything with a texture. We keep trying and keep getting puked on. We’re confident the day will come when he realizes Puffs are not an enemy. Until then, we’ll keep offering and just celebrate his love for purees and yogurt.

We saw Elijah’s pediatrician for his regular nine-month check-up this week in addition to a check-up at the university with the developmental specialist. Elijah played with the developmental specialist for about an hour while she measured his coordination, balance, problems solving…etc. It was so interesting to watch, and I’m glad John could join me for this appointment since he missed the one in August. Both appointments confirmed Elijah is exactly where he should be in terms of growth and development. Prayers of thanks!


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