Taking a Look Back

Before I make resolutions for 2017, it’s important I measure myself with last year’s goals.


  • “Let Go and Let God”. Remember God’s plan is bigger and better than mine. This includes discerning my roles within being a wife, mother, and teacher. 
  • Run two road races, any distance. I can’t wait to test out my jogging stroller with my son.
  • Travel somewhere new.
  • Read 50 books.
  • Keep dates with John a priority, even if it’s just our traditional coffee date after church.
    • Yes! Yes! We’ve had a high school girl babysit Elijah, but my aunt Deb is Elijah’s favorite! This has allowed us some fun date (and double date) nights. Coffee dates have changed to John picking up Starbucks on his way home from Saturday morning basketball. This is a win for all since I don’t have to leave the house, and we can play with Elijah while enjoying our java. We even have a few date nights already planned for 2017.

Whether the calendar year encourages you to make resolutions or not, I hope you have at least one goal for yourself that leads you towards becoming “the best version of yourself”.


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