Ornament Tradition

I’ve enjoyed hearing about people’s Christmas traditions in response to my November post: Traditions. Thank you! My favorite idea is giving three gifts because the Three Wise Men each brought Jesus a gift. What a great way to limit the gift giving and keep the focus on why we celebrate Christmas in the first place!


One tradition I want to continue with Elijah includes buying an ornament each year that helps us document the year. Last year I gave John a “Miracle in the Making” ornament with Elijah’s ultrasound. (Who knew how true that statement would be come March!?) This year, I personalized a 1st Christmas ornament through Shutterfly.

As much as I gawk at beautiful Christmas trees decorated with perfectly matching bulbs and gold ribbon, I like that our tree tells a story. I look forward to adding a piece to this story every year.


3 thoughts on “Ornament Tradition

  1. We also get an ornament whenever we go on vacation. It’s fun being able to remember the trips we’ve taken as we put up the tree. This year, we were telling Colin about our NYC trip , though he was more interested in trying to play with the NYC taxi ornament 😉

  2. agreed… i love unwrapping ornaments that have meaning! we also have colored lights which makes it fun for the kids…that is what i remember growing up and i love it!

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