Happy Birthday, John!

The weekend’s birthday plans didn’t go exactly as we planned since we were struck with multiple snow storms.

Thankfully John is easy to please and was fine celebrating from home while toasting to another year with a bottle of Pomegranate wine from the Anamosa Winery.

img_5093My appreciation for this man is more than ever. I’m grateful I went from seeing John as a husband to witnessing him as a father this year. He’s even better at the calling than I anticipated (and I knew he’d be incredible!). Even though Elijah clearly loves his dad’s silliness more than he cares to play blocks or read stories with me, they do their best to include me. When I’m at work too late, I receive snaps like this one to remind me of what’s waiting for me at home. How cute are they?!

Since birthdays are not limited to a day in our house, we’ll celebrate with a concert on Friday night. Who are we seeing? I’ll give you a clue… “Ice, Ice, Baby”.



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