Angel Tag Tradition

img_5240After I posted about Christmas traditions for our family, I realized we have one tradition John and I can now introduce to Elijah.

Every year, we “adopt” a child or family in need. This simple request is to purchase gifts/clothes so that the family can have gifts under their tree for Christmas.

It breaks my heart when I read tags requesting a gift certificate for a haircut or a hygiene kit. Talk about perspective.

Both my school and our church allow for the opportunity to make someone else’s Christmas extra special through gift giving.

Ever since I’ve started working at Xavier, John and I have shopped for these gifts together. In the past, it was fun to explore the kid’s aisles because we didn’t have children of our own and could pick out legos, games, and the newest toys. It was fun purchasing glittery boots, fuzzy mittens, and cozy sweats for these kids.

Now that we have a son, it’s even more important to me that he sees his parents shopping for people we don’t even know. I look forward to the day Elijah can pick out the gifts and eagerly give them away to someone who will enjoy them.

If you don’t have access to an Angel Tree, a simple google search will provide endless opportunities in your area to give back.


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