New Children’s Hospital

img_5189The new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital is incredible, but we hope to never go back!

When we were in Bay 1 NICU with Elijah, the construction was right on the other side of the wall. All of the nurses in this bay were compassionate beyond words, but one particular nurse we had multiple times would go tell the construction workers to quiet down or take a break because she had “patients healing”. Even though Elijah was sedated a majority of his time in this bay, I was thankful when the drilling stopped.

They have been at this construction since 2012. A few rooms were finished in the NICU for the tour, but a lot of work remains.

img_5177The open house consisted of seeing the 12th floor, which is the highest point in Johnson County, the NICU, and the lobby areas. The NICU rooms have windows, pullout couches, and bathrooms. Those are three luxuries we would have loved, so I was happy to see future families will benefit.

The 12th floor overlooks Kinnick Stadium. From what I can tell, no rooms will be located on this floor. It’s more of a lobby/family area. There is even a “Healing Garden” that will allow families to go outside all times of the year because the floor is heated to melt the snow. From the color changes on the elevator associated with each img_5187floor to the overall layout, they seem to have thought of everything.

Yesterday was about celebrating the work of so many donors who made this hospital a reality. Elijah even left his finger prints on the “Our Kids, Our New Hospital” sign.

We’re lucky to have an incredible children’s hospital so close to home. The people who work there will always have a special place in my heart.



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