Professional Photos


I never have any birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift ideas to give John. He gets frustrated with me.

After we received the link to Elijah’s six-month photos, I told John that photo sessions of our son are my new gift suggestion. I love pictures, and I’ve always been sad that a photo of my sweet 8 lb 14 oz bundle all swaddled up in my arms is missing from our walls.

By the time we brought Elijah home from the hospital, our photographer didn’t think a newborn session would work very well. Usually these sessions are taken 1-2 weeks after birth because the baby can be positioned easily and is usually a sound sleeper.

We do have very powerful images of Elijah during those first few weeks. I posted some of these on Facebook as I asked for people’s prayers. My uncle Dean sent a few of these images to us in the mail, and we hung them up on our bedroom mirror as we waited week after week to bring our baby home. The photos are still there. How will I ever take them down?

Elijah’s six-month shoot includes nothing but happiness! The gallery has a few family shots, a couple photos showing off his tummy scar, and lots of him wearing our favorite irish hat.

Elijah changes every single week, and I love having photos to document his growth. Our phones do a great job and so does the SLR, but a professional photographer is an investment I’m willing to make. After all, is there any better gift?

If you want to see Elijah’s gallery, here is the link. Password: wagner


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