ITECia 2016

img_5012ITEC (Iowa Technology & Education Connection) makes me a better teacher. You’ve read my blog praising this incredible conference many years in a row, but this year was different. Presenting added an additional layer to my experience and challenged me as an educator.

I was worried no one (except my co-worker Tracie) would show up for my session. Thankfully, 20+ people were in the room. No one got up and left, and a few people stuck around afterwards to ask questions and even img_5006exchange emails. I promised to send more resources their way. This helps me look beyond that fact that I talked too fast and mark my first ITEC presentation as a success.

What did I present on? Aurasma (app), relationships with local newspapers, online student newspapers, student-led Instagram accounts, Newsela, Weebly, and Canva. If you ever want to hear more about any of these, I’m happy to share. You can also view my presentation here!

Every session from the conference is uploaded here! There is a wealth of knowledge in this img_5013document. Do yourself a favor and find something you can use!
As if attending the conference wasn’t enough, my school granted permission to every teacher who asked. This allowed a big group of us (Math and English teachers) to collaborate and have a lot of fun in Des Moines for three days.

Now that we’re all going home with different resources, we can continue to collaborate.



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