Tradition Continues: South Bend in the Fall

img_4736Adding a sunny, 70-degree day with a slight breeze to an already gorgeous campus gave us a perfect weekend at Notre Dame.

Besides the score (ugh!), our trip was exactly what I needed to embrace the fall and time away with my husband. We spent time with former students, who now attend ND, at two different tailgates before we headed to the Alumni Tailgate. Thanks to my dad for getting us an invitation. This classy tailgate even served Guinness and had its own bathrooms. Double win.

The rest of our time was spent enjoying campus and the contagious school spirit.

The game got over around 11 p.m., but I had one more stop I needed to make before we could find our car. The grotto. This is always a stop on our visit, but this year’s prayers were different. The last six months have changed how I pray, and it was an emotional visit. I know candles were lit there for Elijah by those same students we tailgated with earlier. I offered so many prayers of thanks for my son and husband and then asked God to help so many in need right now with their own babies and children. The lights were brightly shining, and my trust in Him has never been stronger.


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