Year #9

It’s good to be back!

From the first few minutes of the first day with students, I was nodding my head in agreement with God’s decision to send me back to school.

These students, these teachers, and my passion to share journalism, writing, and reading make me so thankful for the school community. Who else has a job where they combine what they would choose to do in their free time (read, write, tune into the news, explore social media, take photos, edit and design using those photos, and talk about current issues with people who challenge their ideas and introduce them to new ones) and get paid for it?

I have so many professional and personal goals this academic year that range from going to bed earlier all the way to seeing the reading/comprehension ability of my freshmen soar. Some of these goals are more in my control than others, but I’m determined to priorities my time and do my best. After all, the academic year isn’t just a time for students to learn.

Thanks to my Uncle Dean, retired teacher of 49 years, who sent me Heart of a Teacher after I signed my contract in May. This is a book I’ll keep revisiting. “When asked which subjects she loved to teach, she answered this way and smiled…’It’s not the subjects that matter…It’s all about teaching the CHILD.'”


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