The Best Yes, Worth Revisiting


Two years ago I read The Best Yes, and it’s a book worth revisiting every year.

This quote is especially important as I begin the school year and prioritize my time. One of my coworkers and I have a goal to meet once a week for faith and fellowship. We’re hoping this can include an afternoon walk while the weather is nice and take place at a coffee house once the seasons change. We’re both hoping this commitment to each other helps un-rush us.

A few of my favorite quotes from The Best Yes.

  • “Overwhelmed schedule, underwhelmed soul.”
  • “Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.”
  • “Wisdom makes decisions today that will still be good tomorrow.”
  • “We steer where we stare.”
  • “Saying yes all the time won’t make me wonder woman, it will make me worn-out woman.”
  • “Those who constantly try to impress others will quickly depress themselves.”
  • “Relationships help un-rush us.”

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