Dr. Pitcher

img_4489So many things would have turned out differently if Dr. Pitcher wasn’t the one who operated on our son that Easter Saturday.

When we were transported to UIHC, everything happened so quickly. There wasn’t any time to meet with the surgeon before Elijah was taken to the OR. We first met Dr. Pitcher when he came up the stairs to the family lounge to give John, me, and our families the devastating news of Elijah’s malrotation and dead bowel.

The fact that Dr. Pitcher intentionally nicked an artery, which bleed and therefore made him wait before removing Elijah’s entire bowel, is huge part
of the miracle. This man was called in during the middle of the night to do his job and he explained to us that he went against surgery protocol because something was telling him to wait. We’re so thankful he listened because God was working on healing Elijah.

Although Dr. Pitcher had a team of surgeons and other doctors and nurses who assisted him in the OR and saw Elijah daily, this man (and his future patients) will always have a place in my prayers.

When we saw Dr. Pitcher last week, he walked in the door and said, “How’s my Easter miracle!” He then proceeded to pick Elijah up and give him a kiss on the forehead. I was in tears of thanksgiving.

Aside from explaining general concerns that come with undergoing multiple surgeries, Dr. Pitcher gave us no reason to worry. He said that he doesn’t need to follow up with Elijah, but he’d like to see him next year “just because he makes my day”. I can happily schedule that appointment.


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