Community of Faith Scholarship

“Everything we have is given to us on loan from God.” Archbishop Jackles reminded us of this Tuesday evening during the Donor’s Recognition Reception at my school.

Two examples of this message include my generous parents.

Without John or my knowledge, my parents met with my school principal over the summer and developed a scholarship in honor of Elijah. My parents felt the Xavier community helped instill a foundation of faith in me that provided the stability we all needed while going through Elijah’s first week of life and four surgeries. I couldn’t agree more. It’s an incredible place, and I have gained more than I have given while fulfilling my vocation.

While my parents could have used this money for so many other worthy causes, they want to make sure it is used for tuition assistance for a need-based family year-after-year. Their gift is so much more than financial. They are giving students the gift of a Catholic education.

My parents asked John and me to name the scholarship. After prayerfully considering a few different options, we felt the community of faith was the foundation. The scholarship is named the Elijah James Wagner Community of Faith Scholarship.

My parents were presented a plaque on Tuesday night during the program, and I can only imagine the updates I will be able to provide to them about how their money is going to great use in the years to come.

My humble parents will hate that I’m blogging about this because they don’t want their name attached to the scholarship. I’m going against those wishes because I think it’s important to recognize this gift and promote the act of donating to worthy causes.

We all know that we can’t take anything with us when we go. Since no day is guaranteed, how are you going to use what God gave you to help others?  I can tell you that after the year we’ve had, new charities including The Ronald McDonald House and the UIHC Children’s hospital are now at the top of our list. Please find a cause deep in your heart and give in any way you can.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you” Luke 6:38.


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