Faith ND

I start every week day with The Skimm and Faith ND.

The Skimm gives me my news, and Faith ND gives me the daily scripture with a reflection. I know I’ve blogged about both of these resources.

It seems like these readings and reflections arrive when we need them. Throughout the years I have bookmarked so many of these daily emails with every intention of going back through them. Maybe a separate folder for these would help this become a reality.

Today’s reflection from Matthew 15: 21-28

“…this healing was the easy part for Jesus. Transforming my selfish heart and my prayer life was far more difficult and would have never happened had my petition been answered immediately.

The delay that led me to persist in prayer taught me to first seek and love Jesus wholeheartedly, to trust him by submitting to his perfect will, and to nurture an intimacy with him. This trust now sustains me when I approach him again and again with these words, ‘Lord, help me.'”


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