Elijah: Four Months

img_4369Over 15 pounds and 25+ inches long. Elijah’s four-month check-up was great!

We saw a pediatric specialist at the university this week who played with Elijah. She was looking for any delays in his development since he spent three weeks on a ventilator. She was thrilled with his progress and doesn’t need to see him again for six more months!

The following day was his four-month check-up with his pediatrician. She was originally concerned about his head control because he was delayed getting started with tummy time. Those concerns are out the window after she saw his progress. She gave the okay to begin some oatmeal cereal. There is no reason this shouldn’t go great, but I am a bit anxious given his digestive track. I’m happy we can experiment with this before starting daycare.

He is getting better and better at rolling over, so we no longer swaddle him for bed. This has put a stop to him sleeping through the night, but we’ll get there again.

Elijah has a great smile and loves to show it off. He has just started to laugh, and it’s my absolutely favorite sound!

I’m enjoying the last two weeks of summer with Elijah, and I’ll have a daycare update to include next month. Wish us both luck.


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