img_4353Music City did not disappoint!

After a night in St. Louis to break up the trip, we spent three nights on Broadway Street making our way from one bar/restaurant to the next for incredible entertainment. Sometimes there was a full band and other times it was just one or two people playing the guitar and rocking out.

We even happened to wander into a bar with a band playing popular 90s hits mixed with today’s most popular img_4350hip hop. John joked that the band stole his iPod because they kept playing his favorites.

People had told me how awesome Nashville was before I booked the trip, but you have to see it to believe it. Going over a long weekend was extra fun because the crowds were insane, and the people watching was prime. One thing I learned while visiting- Nashville must be the bachelorette capital of the world. I have never seen so many bachelorette parties in my life. No matter what time of day, brides and bridal tribes cruised the streets on peddle pubs and danced their way in and out of every bar.

img_4349We spent a morning paddle-boarding, spent an afternoon exploring The Grand Ole Opry (incredible!), and traveled to Lynchburg one day for a tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Another learning experience was at the distillery where I found out that Lynchburg is a dry county, but they can sell tours with complimentary whiskey, and they can sell bottles with complimentary whiskey. 😉 There are exceptions to every rule. Another

"Jack on the rocks."

“Jack on the rocks.”

awesome fact, each worker of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery gets a bottle of Jack on the first Friday of the month along with their paycheck. They call it “Good Friday”. Again, they can’t sell the whiskey, but they can give it away.

Lynchburg is about 1.5 hours away from downtown Nashville, but it’s worth the trip. They just opened a tasting room on Thursday, so we were one of the first tours to have that included in our tickets.

If this post is making you thirsty, John bought a bottle to bring home…with complimentary whiskey inside.


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