Lately I’ve Been…

Feeling so thankful for an extended maternity leave and extra time with my baby. Not a day goes by where I don’t give prayers of thanks for our miracle.

Cooking some new Pinterest casserole recipes to test out and add to our rotation, if they pass the test. If you like chicken noodle soup, we enjoyed this chicken noddle casserole. It will be great on a fall night.

Drinking sparking water in every flavor and brand under the sun. Staying hydrated is a daily challenge.

Enjoying my time with Elijah. Mornings are my favorite. He is rested and even more happy than normal. I also enjoy watching Elijah develop new skills. I love watching his determination as he rolls over and reaches for a ball or colorful rings. Again, I’m so thankful for this extra time at home to see these skills progress.

Watching The Bachelorette. Yep, it sucked me back in again this season. I also finished Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, and it was my favorite season. While some scenes are too graphic (seriously unnecessary), the theme this season was timely- Black Lives Matter.

Searching for new ideas to incorporate into my classroom. I’ve been doing my best to use the time I spend pumping as devoted time to reading articles, connecting with other educators on twitter, and trying out new apps. (Another journalism professor shared Prisma this week. If you’re into photo editing filters, check it out. I can see us using this filter for a comic book design in the newspaper.)

Reading a typical beach read, If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison. If you liked the movie 13 Going on 30, the plot is very similar. It’s mainly dialogue, which makes it a fast read that’s simply a good story.

Running faster. I ran my 5-mile loop to and from the local trail last week, and it felt great. My heart and lungs and thankful I ran for a majority of my pregnancy, and I feel ready to start increasing the speed on these workouts. I plan to run the 8k Turkey Trot in early November.

Worrying about time. I have so many ideas I want to incorporate into my classroom in the fall and worry about spreading myself too thin. Add this to my first time balancing a child at home, and I’m anxious about burning myself out. I worry my husband, too, who admittedly loves summer Kellie more than teacher Kellie.

Buying lots of things on Zulily. I love this app, but the shipping takes forever. I received a package this week that I didn’t even remembered I ordered. Whoops. They were pajamas for Elijah, and they seriously took over a month to arrive. However, if it’s not a time sensitive item, the deals are often too good to pass up.

What are you feeling, cooking, drinking, enjoying, watching, searching, reading, running, worrying, and/or buying?


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