Mollie Margaret


Miss Mollie Maragret Monaghan arrived late Wednesday evening.

I love Mollie and her name. The “ie” with the alliteration makes me want to order her many personalized items. It’s a name to be celebrated!

It brings a huge smile to my face to know Mollie and Elijah will grow up so close in age with Colin to lead their squad.

We were lucky enough to visit this new family of four two days in a row, and Elijah suddenly looks like a giant next to Mollie Dolly. As for Colin, he’s going to be a great big brother.

IMG_4063 img_4083


2 thoughts on “Mollie Margaret

  1. i’m also totally smitten with that name!! love the “ie” !!!!

    and elijah’s 3mo post- goodness, that face! he’s precious!!

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