Maternity Leave

img_3807Elijah is 12 weeks old! Technically, this would be my last week of maternity leave, but God knew I needed more time with my baby. The summer add-on is a bonus I’m not taking for granted.

I questioned how much I would enjoy being home with a baby all day. A huge part of me feared I would be counting down the hours awaiting the sound of the garage door and John’s blaring music to signal he was home and could take over.

This isn’t the case.

img_3783Much of this has to do with the first three weeks of parenting, which have forever changed me, but the time of year helps a TON. We can easily run errands without bundling up. We have met up with friends for coffee dates and park dates every week, and Elijah is even content just being in his rock-and-play (best baby shower gift ever) outside.

People also warned me that maternity leave would be isolating. Thankfully, I have yet to feel this way (except of course when I’m pumping). Again, this has a lot to do with the time of year. People are happy to stop by and visit, and other teachers are home with their kids and eagerly want to meet up.

There are so many benefits to having a baby in the spring, and I look forward to not feeling “stuck” until winter. At that point, I’ll plan a spring break trip with or without my one-year-old. Oh my…I’m off to cuddle my baby while he still fits in my arms.


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