Children’s Books

img_3776I love books, and children’s books are no different. I could spend hours getting lost in the pages of children’s books at Barnes and Noble. The Day The Crayons Quit, Balloon Farm, and The Tale of Three Trees are just three of my favorites.

I earned my master’s degree with an emphasis in reading, so I know all the benefits of reading with kids. We started reading to Elijah in the NICU, and we haven’t stopped. While I hesitate to buy Elijah outfits or toys he doesn’t need, books are different. I plan to fill bookshelves for my son, and hopefully introduce him to a long relationship with reading.

After John’s coworkers surprised him with a baby book shower before Elijah arrived, I asked John if he was familiar with all of the books they gifted us. He shook his head. The pile included classics like Love You Forever. I was shocked!

Thankfully I’ve been encouraging John to experience the adventures within these pages at the same time as Elijah. This picture might be one of my new favorites. Three of my favorite things…John, Elijah, and books!


3 thoughts on “Children’s Books

  1. We had a book shower for Zach! I loved it!!!
    I can’t read Love You Forever. Too many tears!! I loved “How Does A Dinosaur” series when Z was a toddler. Morgan won’t sit still as well as Zach did, but she likes the Sandra Boynton books… so we’ll keep plugging! While Tony was gone, I began reading chapter books to Zach a bed time. I think he liked it, but he hasn’t be asking for it since. (Tony usually puts him to bed). Books are the one thing I know I can get my nieces and nephews- because I feel like they have everything else! 😉

    • Yes to books for gifts! So much better than toys! I was wondering about an age to start chapter books. I plan to read Harry Potter aloud to Elijah so that I can justify a trip to Harry Potter World. ha!

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