(Summer) Skin Care

cd3641322c136a35a75176a64c1c3668You’ve probably seen an abundance of posts from Rodan and Fields consultants on social media who are begging you to try their products. I do not sell Rodan and Fields products, so this post is my honest opinion of their products.

I started using Rodan and Fields products over a year ago mainly to prevent breakouts and clear up previous acne damage and sunspots.

Since summer includes more sweating and sun exposure, I thought I would give some feedback on this growing company and their skincare items.

First, their products are expensive. That needs to be said right away. I justify this cost for two reasons. #1: You wear your skin every day. Clear skin and confidence go hand-in-hand for me. #2. I don’t buy any other face wash or cream anymore.

What do I use from Rodan and Fields? I wash my face twice a day with the Unblemish Sulfer Wash. My first purchase from R&F included the four-product system of Unblemish. For the sake of time and money, I decided to just buy their face wash once I had used up the four-product system. I also own the Reverse Exfoliating Wash, which smells great. Since my skin benefited from the sulfur wash more, John has been using this product.

Finally, and the reason for this post, is R&F sunscreen. It’s the best, and it should be for $24 a bottle. Every sunscreen advertises that it’s oil-free, but this one actually is true to its word. I can leave it on all day and not feel like I’m walking around with a heavy face. It doesn’t smell like typical sunscreen, and it still works to keep sun damage away. I even used it in Hawaii last summer. I have both the body sunscreen (SPF 30) and the Unblemish Oil Control Lotion, which is SPF 20.

I’ve asked my dermatologists about this company, and they both approved. If you want more information or the name of the consultant I use, let me know! Your skin is worth the price!


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