My Return to Running

Remember how I signed up for a road race next weekend? Bah!

I didn’t expect to pick up running the day after Elijah was born, but I also didn’t plan on my form of exercise being limited to walking the halls of a hospital for the first month. Granted, it was a long walk to the cafeteria multiple times a day.

Elijah and I have been out with the jogging stroller twice, and I absolutely love it! It’s extra heavy with his carseat inserted since he’s still too small for just the stroller, but I just consider it an extra workout. Coordinating the stroller and picking up the pace is a challenge in itself. My success next weekend will come from not running over any other participants!

While my schedule and the weather have not been in favor of running this race, I’m still going to do it! My friend Katie is coming to dominate in the half marathon that morning, so I look forward to making my running return with her!


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