img_3124This week was a wild ride. Elijah was extra fussy Monday and Tuesday to the point that it seemed like he was in pain. I didn’t want to overreact, but I finally called his pediatrician. She agreed to work him in. After poking around on him and a few blood tests, we were admitted to the hospital. While I was in tears as they admitted us, I was so thankful she was cautious and recognized the seriousness of our son’s previous surgeries.

Elijah stayed fussy all that day and the next, and they finally ran a CT scan. Taking him to a surgery prep room to put him under had me in tears, again. After these tests, we assumed we’d be spending one more night recovering from the anesthesia and then head home in the morning. Things change quickly in a hospital.

The doctor came in and said his CT scan was clear, but his blood levels were concerning. She had spoken to UIHC, and his surgery team wanted him back. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had to watch them load up my son and take him away in an ambulance again. Heartbreaking.

To make a long story short, we met with one of the surgeons within minutes of arriving at UIHC. He put me at ease immediately. He spent a good amount of time with Elijah, poked around on him, and explained things to John and me in great detail. They ruled out all of the serious issues that could have been infections or blockages from the previous surgeries. That left them thinking it was probably just a virus that was on its way out. After another night in the hospital and more tests, we were cleared to return home…again.

I can happily report Elijah is smiling again, and we’re doing our best to remind him this is his home. Thank you for your continued prayers for our son.


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