Caution or Confidence

I’ve blogged about Father Mike Schmitz multiple times. If you’re tired of hearing about him, I suggest you download one of his podcasts and see why I’m so enthusiastic about his messages.

I listened to his Easter homily while I went for a walk last night. Shuffling along the sidewalk and plugged into my phone, his words brought me to tears.

John and my family may be the only ones who truly feel this message. Father Mike’s words kept flooding my mind with memories of that Saturday night when we gathered together with the surgeon in prayer after a grave diagnosis for our son.

I honestly felt the Holy Spirit tell me to ask the surgeon if he would pray with us. In that moment, I’m not sure of the words that were said. I only remember asking God to give us a chance to raise our son as His servant and praying the Our Father. The rest is a blur, but I truly felt God’s presence in that dark room.

In the conversations that followed between John and myself, we struggled with asking for a miracle and just trusting in God’s plan. We knew God picked us to be Elijah’s parents for  a reason, and we were ready to love him no matter what was thrown our way. At the same time, we knew deep in our hearts that our God is a healer and He was hearing our desperate cries to make our son whole.

This podcast helped me see that in the moments where I put my entire confidence in God, I wasn’t asking for too much or being ungrateful for what we already had. I was trusting God’s plan and truly living the way God instructs when he appears to the apostles for the first time: “Be Not Afraid”.

Father Mike said, “God does some of his most greatest stuff when things are absolutely hopeless and the only reasonable attitude is fear. But God says, ‘No, Be Not Afraid’.”

“Christian Hope is trusting not just an outcome but in a person, Jesus Christ.”

As I go forward in life, I want to live each day with the confidence I felt in God that week. A confidence so strong that I felt comfortable handing my son’s future over to a plan bigger and better than mine. I know this experience will help me live out the message of mercy and “Be Not Afraid”.

Link to Heroic Confidence: Caution or Confidence Podcast.


5 thoughts on “Caution or Confidence

  1. Hi Kellie, Wonderful blog!! Moments I’ll never forget include that Saturday night when you led all of us in prayer when the rest of us were speechless. Another moment is the following Tuesday when the miracle was proclaimed by the surgeon. Thanks for your example of confidence in God’s plan when the rest of us needed it the most. Love Dad

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  2. Love, love, love listening to Fr. Mike Schmitz’s podcasts! His recent series on confidence has challenged me in many ways, especially in my trust (or lack thereof) in God. I have listened to the homily on being un-offendable multiple times already, in which he encourages us to say, “Life is hard, but I can handle this. Not because I am great, but because I know who I am in Jesus Christ and I have a God who is willing to fight for me and fight with me.” Praying for you, Kellie! Caring for a newborn is wonderful, amazing, exhausting, and HARD – but so worth it!

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