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img_2837I didn’t have an opportunity to post photos from when people visited Elijah pre-NICU. Here are some favorites including my parents, my brother Matt, and Elijah’s cousin, Seamus.

In addition to my blog, I want to do some sort of baby book. My initial thought was Shutterfly books every year (plus one for just his first three weeks of life since it was quite the journey). However, I received some memorable items including crafts Elijah did with the NICU nurses (seriously, those nurses are so crafty!) and cards people sent while praying for Elijah. I want these kept somewhere other than in a box only his mom looks at while cleaning out the storage room every few years. Any suggestions? How do you document milestones for your kids?


4 thoughts on “Picture Post

  1. Here’s what I have: my blog, a box for holiday/birthday cards. I made Norah a book right before Elliott was born and she still looks at it often. I recommend Shutterfly for those. My mom scrapbooks one page after each birthday and then I hang it on their wall in their room. When another bday rolls around, I give her last year’s page and she’ll make a new one. Eventually, they will have a whole scrapbook of their birthdays. I am so not crafty. If you ever need anyone to laminate items for you, I’m your lady. Why is this post so long…?

  2. i do the shutterfly route (but i may switch to costco because of the price), but everything else is in a box.

    maybe a bulletin board? a nice one with fabric and criss-crossed ribbons? that’s something that can always grow with him, too- someday holding artwork and handprint projects 🙂

    do they make photo albums that can hold greeting cards – like a 5×7 album? or you can scan them and make a book to have on a shelf for him and still keep the hard copy in a box.

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