img_2998img_2997We graduated from the NICU! Yesterday we finally introduced our son to life outside of a hospital. At three weeks old, it was overdue! The best parts about being home…

Not getting in my car and driving 40 minutes to see my baby! (Plus the parking ramp and actually getting to his unit) 

No cords, wires, or beeping alarms while trying to hold my son!

No hospital gowns or gloves! 

Endless opportunities to snuggle!

Not notifying a nurse when it’s time to feed my son!

Elijah can wear his own clothes!

Stroller rides and fresh air! 

Eating meals that are not prepared by the hospital cafeteria! 

I have nothing but praise for the doctors, surgeons, and nurses we interacted with the last three weeks, but bringing our son home is a dream come true and a huge step on our journey. 


3 thoughts on “Home!

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