Swaddles and Snuggles

img_1753We weren’t allowed to hold Elijah for over a week. During this time, he was placed on a heated hospital NICU bed with his arms above his head and his legs stretched out. Most of this time he was sedated from surgeries, so he didn’t move much. (I have photos of this time period that I’m willing to share in person, but his open stomach is too graphic to post.)

Day after day, I wondered if he’d ever want to be swaddled or snuggled. I feared his stomach incision would keep us from placing him on our chests, and we’d never get that cuddle time we were craving. What mom doesn’t dream about placing her baby on her chest and inhaling that img_2971new baby smell?

Thankfully, Elijah is helping my heart mend, and he lets me swaddle him (arms out). His incision doesn’t seem to bother him, and we can finally place him against us. Love!

We are stuck wearing protective gowns due to a virus outbreak on another NICU hall, but I’m thankful I can rub my face on Elijah’s soft head and inhale his therapeutic scent.


2 thoughts on “Swaddles and Snuggles

  1. He is so handsome. My heart hurt for you that week. Even being pregnant, it’s like our arms crave the feeling of our babies. I am so happy that he’s in your arms and you can snuggle and smell is sweet, soft little head. Looking forward to his move home and some skin to skin lovin!! Hugs!!!

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