God’s Miracle Man

Naming a child is a lot of pressure.

I loved reading your responses to how you knew the name you picked for your child was correct. Your comments made me smile over and over again. Thank you!

While John knew from day one that our son should be named Elijah, I wasn’t so sure. When I came home from school one day and got the mail, a package was addressed to me (no return address).

Inside was this book, Elijah: God’s Miracle Man. I sat down and read it, crying the entire way through. John came home during this time and told me he had ordered it for me to learn more about Elijah.

It helped convince me that this Biblical name was the choice for our son.

Little did we know this title would become part of our daily prayers in the upcoming future.

On Easter Sunday, John and I made a quick trip home to grab more clothes before heading back to the Ronald McDonald House, where we stayed for four nights. On that holy night, I took this book out from my nightstand. Between tears, we read this book together again and were reassured that Elijah is our little miracle and will keep fighting. The book says “God took care of Elijah in the loneliest of places.”

It’s so hard to leave our son every night. I have to believe God is taking care of Elijah while he’s in the NICU, a lonely place for him. We want more than anything to have him healthy and home, but we are forced to be patient. It’s so difficult. Some days are worse than others, but his name gives me strength.


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