41 Weeks- Tomorrow

a983a0bf853ff3ea76761a7002c5e907Tomorrow marks 41 weeks and the last day of my pregnancy journey. I’ll be induced in the morning, and it’s exciting and unbelievable to know I’ll meet my son this weekend.

What am I looking forward to the most? Seeing his tiny face. Touching his soft skin. Calling him by his name out loud. Watching John hold him.

A Holy Week baby is so fitting for this child we already love!

I just finished the book Maternity Leave by Julie Halpern, and parts of it terrified me and others had me laughing out loud. I think it’s hard to find people who are honest about pregnancy and motherhood. Many sugarcoat it and too many just complain. I hope real life is somewhere in between. While this book highlights the struggles of motherhood and trying to find a connection with a child she just met, it was a good reminder that I’m not alone in any good, bad, or ugly moments to come.


3 thoughts on “41 Weeks- Tomorrow

  1. Good luck! You can always count on my to be honest. I loved, loved being pregnant. I had two great deliveries, and one that was awesome until it wasn’t. I loved breastfeeding even if it was hard sometimes. There are so many things I loved and very few things I didn’t like. Every age seems like the best age. I don’t know… being a parent is awesome, and I’m so glad I was called to become one. I have a strong feeling that you’ll love it too! Hugs, love, prayers, and easy labor vibes to you!

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