40 Weeks

img_2793We made it all 40 weeks, baby W!

How am I feeling? I am getting more and more uncomfortable, but that’s a good sign. I know the end is in sight because my doctor will induce me if baby doesn’t arrive by 41 weeks. I guess baby W wants to be a Holy Week baby more than he wanted to be a St. Patrick’s Day baby.

Exercise: is a part of my life again. I feel really good when I’m up walking, so the treadmill and I have rekindled our love. I’m really bummed I finished House of Cards (season four is fantastic!), so if you have another show recommendation, I’m listening.

Frustrations: I know this is just a sign people care, but I had to set my phone aside multiple times this week to avoid the “where is baby?” and “why isn’t your baby here yet?” questions. As if this is about it being convenient for someone else’s schedule. I truly believe baby’s birthday has been on God’s calendar forever, and nothing I do will change it. For those of you I’ve conversed with about other things than baby’s arrival, thank you!

Preparations: John installed a carseat in his Jeep, and he’s now the coolest dad-to-be! We just won’t be riding around with the roof off as much this summer. I’ll see my doctor in a couple of days, and I’m mentally preparing to be induced at the end of the week. My hope is that baby arrives on his own, but right now I’m just listening to my body and my doctors.


4 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. Hang in there!! Be spontaneous now, go somewhere and don’t make plans as that’s few and far between when life is filled with baby! Definitely understand your frustrations – it’s hard to give an answer to the same question over and over when you don’t know the true answer yourself! Thr ‘end’ is near and brings new beginnings and new questions you may not want to as well from everyone! 😀 excited for you guys! God bless.

  2. As the mother of three babies who all arrived at 41 weeks or later, I completely empathize with you. I have purposely not sent a text because I know how annoying it can be to have people constantly contacting you for information. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t been thinking about you, praying for you, and feeling excited for you. Enjoy this time because after it’s over, you’ll never be a family of two ever again (and that’s a new, interesting,scary, and lovely thing).

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