St. Patrick’s Day 2016

img_2785Yesterday was a special St. Patrick’s Day.

Usually we are in school, but spring break fell a week early this year. This provided more time to celebrate. My parents even took me to lunch, so I was able to spend St. Patrick’s Day with the most Irish person I know- my dad. A citizen of Ireland, he doesn’t need to wear green to show his heritage.

While I struggled finding something green that would fit, I was thankful for the scarf I purchased at Blarney Castle in Ireland. I needed something authentic.

img_2790John enjoyed an extra Guinness for me while I answered a crazy amount of texts from people asking why baby hadn’t arrived yet. My cousin Casey said it best, “He can’t be born today. He deserves his own day!” I couldn’t agree more!

Cheers, friends!


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2016

  1. You’re a runner so maybe I can make this into a large metaphor or something…Baby Wagner is so close to finishing his first marathon. He’s completed 26 miles and is now on the .2 part. He has enjoyed running with his mommy every day. Now, Baby Wagner is taking his time before crossing the finish line because he has enjoyed the race so much, he doesn’t want to finish just yet. He’ll eventually finish the race, but I think he’s enjoying the time alone with you. 😉 [I’m lame.]
    I pray you’re as comfortable as possible. Hang in there. God has a date. Love the Wagners! Go team!

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