Fuller House

d62d7499e0b5bce6e0ebaf18526e903dFull House was one of my favorite shows growing up. John even bought me the seasons on DVD one year for Christmas. Thankfully, Netflix has brought the Tanners back into my life through Fuller House.

John and I watched the first episode together, and it was overly cheesy. I laughed a lot, but I felt like they included every inside joke possible with zero plot. John was not impressed. Without John, I continued to watch the season and actually really loved it. Real stories are formed, and I even fell in love with one of the non-original characters- Max.

If you loved Full House, make yourself get through the first episode of Fuller House and keep going. Compared to most of the dramas John and I watch that stretch over an hour, these 27 minute episodes are a quick blast from the past and family friendly.

If you’ve completed the series, Team Steve or Team Matt?


2 thoughts on “Fuller House

  1. You’re saying there’s hope after the first couple of episodes? I’m glad Stephanie’s accent lasted only a few minutes…

    • Yes. It’s cute and becomes more about the three girls’ current lives rather than all in the past. This show helped make House of Cards last longer. Are you watching the Underwoods this season?

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