Surprise Baby Shower

img_2760There is a computer lab across the hall from my classroom. This is where I teach newspaper and yearbook classes. Most mornings, students arrive early and want to work in the computer lab.

I also have a group of students who eat breakfast in my classroom with me each morning while I read The Skimm (sometimes aloud to them) and drink a cup of coffee. They are my “regular” morning crowd, and I start every single day Monday-Friday img_2758with this same group of teenagers.

While my “regular” morning crowd and I were catching up this morning, I granted permission to some of my journalism students to work on computers in the lab. Little did I know they were actually hanging streamers, setting out juice boxes, and cutting up breakfast food.

When I walked over to that room, I was speechless. They yelled “Surprise”, and I honestly couldn’t even believe a group of teenagers could think of throwing a baby shower for their teacher. What 16-year-old is that thoughtful and generous?! In addition, they had baby pictures of themselves and had me guess who was who. The planning and preparation for this surprise just kept shocking me.

I scratched my lesson plans for the day, but the students taught me lessons. They went around the room telling me childhood stories and giving me advice based on disasters that had happened to them while they were with parents, grandparents, or babysitters. It was hilarious!

The excitement, love, and prayers I’ve felt from this community has left me overwhelmed with love. While they keep telling me they’ll miss when I’m gone, I’m doing my best to let them know the feeling is mutual.


5 thoughts on “Surprise Baby Shower

  1. This, dear Kellie, reminds me of a certain group of teenagers I happened to be blessed by when Sophie and Harrison were little! And yes… that group happened to include you and John! It makes my heart so happy to see that your students beautiful, generous spirits are a reflection of yours! xo

  2. Kellie, What a wonderful story and tribute to you and your students. Xavier is a special place with exceptional people. Love Dad

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