Mom’s Night Out

img_2737My church sponsored a Mom’s Night Out event on Friday evening that included a witness talk, fellowship and prayer, wine, and painting. While I didn’t necessarily need the “night out” like most of these ladies had earned, I was happy to take part in something different with my church community.

The witness talk was a powerful example of faith. It was awesome to have a woman I’d seen most img_2738weekends at Mass share her story with the rest of us and then give us reflection questions to share with one another.

After the witness talk and faith sharing exercises, we transferred to a different room to begin painting. If you’ve ever been to a Cork-N-Canvas event, this was basically the same thing. (I attended one a few years ago with John’s sister.) What made this better was that we brought our own beverages (snacks were provided), and there was more freedom in the actual painting. The instructor has two different options for us to paint with directions to follow.

Even though my tree turned out like it represents the Olympics, I had a really fun night with awesome faith-filled ladies.


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